Images matter. Whether in textbooks or in literary works, they always attract, motivate, clarify… They encourage us to reach new worlds, a springboard to dive into reading.

Since 2000, I have been collaborating with the successive cultural supplements of the newspaper Gara: “Natura”, “Mugalari” and 7K.

Many different ideas, sketches, drawings with a life of their own, which keep evolving, sometimes even after they have been published.

I’ve been doing book covers of all genres for almost two decades, although in recent years, especially since Erein publishing house commissioned me to design the Cosecha Roja / Uzta Gorria collection, I’ve done a lot of covers for crime novels.

The cover is the presentation of the book, the first physical contact. A good cover should engage and create expectations

Publishers such as Erein, Elkar, Santillana / Zubia, Ibaizabal and Mensajero have trusted me and I have also worked for independent publications.