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Cristina Fernández, illustrator.

Perhaps my parents would have preferred me to study law, but I loved the smell of turpentine and enjoyed drawing, so I enrolled in the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country.

I graduated in Graphic Design and started working in the world of marketing and advertising. I liked my job, I was feeling really well with it, but I thought it could be even better if I joined my two favorite hobbies: drawing and reading. Then started collaborating with different publishers, illustrating and designing book covers, and at the same time I went back to University to study Art History.

I am currently based in Sakana valley, in Navarre (Spain). I see plastic arts as a reference point and an inexhaustible field of learning. Despite walking without a rest, I will never get the horizon; I am aware of it. However, there is nothing that can prevent me from continuing and looking ahead.