A new crime novel inside the collection cosecha roja by erein publishing house.

From the mountains of Navarre up to the United States, the echoes of a painful past still resound in the present.  A murder and too many unknowns. Who lit the fire of the revenge?

After reading this story, I have to take on the book cover. Perfect! I already have an excuse to go out looking for inspiration and take some photos. I start in Sakana valley, coming up to the Alsasua cemetery, on its old walls I find some tracks of what I suppose there were shots, and this discovery leads me to the basilica of Armentia, in Vitoria, where there are other marks of the same type, but much more evident. The stones speak to us about the past, while I photograph them I cannot avoid to think of the war, the shot ones, the escape, the mountains, the fire, the memories, the pain… But in the end I focus on another important detail of this story and I go out to look for a yew. I did not know that tree, depite having some of them near my home. The fact is that every project gives us the opportunity to learn something new.